I'm Graham, a Scotsman in Japan. I love mountains, but you might have worked that out already. As well as climbing, I enjoy trying to capture a little of the landscape's beauty with my camera.

My photo gallery is currently offline, while I decide what to do with it. Sorry!

If you'd like to try the best Japanese food in western Tokyo, have a look at this site I built for my favourite izakaya, Gohonmatsu.

Just to raise a smile among a few friends who know the real meaning of FDISK, I'm keeping the FDISK Fan Pages around. 10 years old and still going strong... now in XHTML with CSS for your W3C standards compliant viewing pleasure! Rock and ROLL!

If you would like to get in touch, have a look at my contact page.

宜しくお願いします! (^_^)v


大好きな居酒屋のページも作成しました。西東京の最も美味しい和食屋、 五本松をご覧下さい。


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